Hi there,

Amidst the sound of tools drilling walls & grinding beams, here we are making a pause in building toilets & showers among others (a pink & black open-access space is being setup, together with a collective kitchen, a meeting space called the "dancefloor", and more), to put out the draft of an agenda. We're not done yet, but..

Maxigas and I have been going through the various content proposals, and came up with a list of discussions/presentations/whatever related to the digital struggles, tried to have it fit within the layered scheme, before merging it with other topics' contents for a first attempt at global program design (which should be available by tomorrow or some- thing).

So here's a first contents list. Have we forgotten anything (or, and Enric, would you actually feel like introducing XSF? :) ?


Infrastructure (physical layer)

  • MAIN DISCUSSION: political server defense - bridging user & admin communities, etc.
  • DISCUSSION: Alternative community-driven internet service providers
  • PRESENTATION: SeaCCP colocation facility in Seattle (elijah)
  • PRESENTATION: XarxaSenseFils, wifi ISP from Barcelona (enric)

System administration / core services (system layer)

  • MAIN DISCUSSION: technical server defense - towards a common security policy? includes: Solidarity Protocols (Txopi) & Servers Global Action Ring (Txopi)
  • DISCUSSION: The new threat model (NEEDED: people to introduce laws)
  • DISCUSSION: Secure communication, SSL certs, certificate authorities, etc. (Alster)
  • DISCUSSION: DNS autonomy (Maxigas)
  • PRESENTATION: Introduction to the R*Plan (Ale, Blicero)
  • PRESENTATION: Introduction to riseup.net (elijah)
  • PRESENTATION: Metche (Lunar, Ricola)

Tools and applications (application layer)

  • MAIN DISCUSSION: Indymedia as service to the movement?
  • DISCUSSION: An activist online security policy (Alster, Loquito)
  • DISCUSSION: Block device encryption for the masses (Alster)
  • DISCUSSION: Indymedia CMS 2.0 (Clara)
  • DISCUSSION: Dispatch system (Clara)
  • DISCUSSION: Tagging and tracking, RSS into question (Clara)
  • DISCUSSION: Indymedia history project (Clara)
  • DISCUSSION: Anonymization (Alster)


  • CHILL-OUT: Indymedia IRL
  • CHILL-OUT: GnuPG keysigning party

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