money situation and urgent call for solidarity initiatives to finance visas and travells

hey all of you interested or involved with the next pga conference in europe, we need support and ideas to finance it !

We wanted to find 15 000 euros which was the money needed to finance the last pga conference in belgrade. We've been trying various foundraising (something we're unfortunately not really used to do and good at). We've been learnig a lot but didn't manage to get much (next time we'll be ready we now know a lot of usefull practical things for next conference/convenors:)), except one feminist foundraiser which was ok to pay for travells and visas sent before the 1st of june. Contact :

We've been also organizing various small support events and we'll have a big benefit disco party in l'Usine in geneva on the 8th of july. It is realistic to think that it will give us around 3000 euros. You're welcomed to join us and help for the organization.

We'll also get the 2000 euros left from belgrade conference that will be used to help peopple frome eastern europe to come.

So all in all, we might have around 7000 euros. We think that we'll manage to organize a confortable but relatively cheap conference and that logistic costs we'll be covered through donations of participants. But the money we have is not enough to pay for a lot of travells and visas and we need this money in advance.

As one of our important goal with this conference is to make it possible for people from eastern/central europe to participate, we'll go on trying to find money, hoping that other collectives around europe can help us in this task.

So we invite you to organize various support events to inform about the conference and raise money. Donations from individuals and collectives would be great as well. As it was proposed for the global conference, we also invite collectives around europe to see if they could finance travells and visas for one or more people who would need it to come to the conference. Speak about it with your friends and tell us so if you think you can do something about it.

Sorry for being such money loosers but we won't be able to do anything without your help...

Donations are are to be addressed to :

"acceuil caravane": STAMP c/o Longo Mai, 04300 Limans, France.

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