Invitation to the next european gathering of Peoples Global Action


PGA - People's Global Action - started in 1998, it has been a tool and a diffuse structure coordinating groups and people sharing common struggles and practices, in accordance with various anticapitalist and anti-authoritarian principles (see the hallmarks opposite). PGA initiated the Intercontinental caravan in 1999, as well as international action days of actions against the G8, the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF... In Seattle, Genoa, Prague, and in a number of less popular events, PGA was a driving force behind numerous actions and reflections. At the convergence of international initiatives and local struggles, groups close to the PGA are now looking for new drives to challenge stagnation.

In Europe, groups who identify with the PGA principles meet about once every two years, through the initiative of a "convenor" collective. Since 1998, these conferences have been the opportunity for several days of exchanging practices and knowledge, and of establishing bonds, which allow us to be better organized in common actions.

The last conferences were held in Leiden (Netherlands) in September 2001 and in Belgrade (Serbia) in July 2004. Each time, they drew hundreds of people together and generated contacts, exchanges and strategical reflections. This year, the francophone group STAMP is the convenor and the next european gathering of PGA will take place from the 19h of August to the 3rd of September 2006.

STAMP is an open-structure, created for the conference. It gathers individuals & collectives involved in direct action, autonomy and self-managed spaces around France, but welcomes any participation.

PGA hallmarks

  • A very clear rejection of capitalism, imperialism and feudalism; all trade agreements, institutions and governments that promote destructive globalisation.
  • We reject all forms and systems of domination and discrimination including, but not limited to, patriarchy, racism and religious fundamentalism of all creeds. We embrace the full dignity of all human beings.
  • A confrontational attitude, since we do not think that lobbying can have a major impact in such biased and undemocratic organisations, in which transnational capital is the only real policy-maker.
  • A call to direct action and civil disobedience, support for social movements' struggles, advocating forms of resistance which maximize respect for life and oppressed peoples' rights, as well as the construction of local alternatives to global capitalism.
  • An organisational philosophy based on decentralisation and autonomy.


From August 19th to August 27th, 2006

Decentralized gatherings in Frayssinous, Bellevue, Toulouse, Lyon and Dijon: five urban & rural sites will simultaneously host discussions on specific topics, and carry practical projects linked with local concerns. We're looking forward to your debates, workshops, screenings... on these issues and others!

August 28th & August 29th, 2006

Cleaning & collective road-movie: with trains, hitch-hiking, buses, trucks, bicycles throughout France.

From August 30th to September 3rd, 2006

Centralized conference in Dijon: once altogether, reports on thematic discussions, new workshops & debates, sharing of strategical reflexions and action projects, decision-making on organisation, orientations and projects for PGA Europe.

Everyday, the PGA

We refuse the partitionning of life in roles and their hierarchisation. We want to mix theory, dish-washing and revolution. We wish everyone to share concerns on logistics & daily-tasks, as much as interest for contents. DIY construction moments & practical projects will most likely also allow us to know each other through common achievements, while paying attention to the relationnal dimension of the encounters.



  • Kids, education, ageism & social control (discussion with kids & adults altogether)
  • Anti-industrial struggles: strategies of struggle against the techno-industry and its world; peasant resistance against agro-industry.
Practical activities
  • Woodcutting, masonry
  • Gravure workshop
  • Radio workshop
  • construction for a playing space for the kids, with the kids


  • antipatriarcal & antiheterosexit struggles, feminisms & gender issues
  • necrotechnologies (biotech, nanotech, pharmaceutical industry, technopoles...)
  • control societies & securitarian politics (videosurveillance, biometry, repression & new technologies)
  • racism, post-colonialism, struggles around immigration, the abolition of borders;
  • analysis & reflexions on the social movement from Spring
Practical activities
  • samba workshops
  • screenprinting workshop: poster creation


  • how to gain in practical, political and social autonomy through exchanges, ressource-sharing, mutualisation and community building?
  • "global environmental destruction" due to the capitalist system; development of autonomous & ecological alternatives;
Practical activities
  • milking
  • bread making
  • gardening
  • construction
  • woodcutting


  • development & preservation of autonomous spaces (squats, self-managed spaces, collective projects in cities and in the countryside);
  • digital struggles: Indymedia & the movement; defense of activist servers & autonomous communication structures; digital resistances (P2P, free software, etc.).
  • when streets are burning: accounts & perspectives on unrest in France, spring 2006; challenging the ghettoisation of radical struggles
Practical activities
  • construction of a space for meetings, office and library
  • final setup of structures for the centralized conference


  • housing autonomy, energy autonomy;
  • access to land: experience sharing;
  • gentrification & urbanism: reshaping neighbourhoods, erasing social link, enforcing social control
Practical activities
  • DIY construction building-site;
  • various activities (radio, leaflets, etc.)

Complementary info


Please bear in mind that each decentralized location has physical, human & environmental constraints. Since room is limited, it is crucial to register as soon as possible to take part in the conference. A form is available on

Visa & transportation

If you need help for travel expenses & getting a visa, please get in touch as fast as you can (before the end of June).

Financial support

We aim to have a number of Eastern-Europe activists to participate in these encounters. For most of them, this implies receiving financial support for covering visa and travel costs. As of now, our fund is extremely limited, and we're calling for solidarity to be able to fulfill this precise goal. Donations are are to be addressed to "acceuil caravane": STAMP c/o Longo Mai, 04300 Limans, France.


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