Webpage for documents for infopoints with online form. webWorkinggroup and elist


Infopoint edatabase has been created

didn't really work so what do we do? In germany there is a probleme - how do we decide who accepts the hallmarks and who doesn't. Possible Solution - e-collective that takes the decission. It doesn't work to have a decission on the process list - 100 people few people should administer the list - few people from various groups should be the List admins. Enhancing the group of people who take that decission. something like 5 people, existing trusted members.

decisions on infopoints/association are made in accordance to hallmarks/form applied... groups that dont want to identify but want to be an info pt. how do we resolve that feeling that groups,people,infopoint who are not completely left and dedicated should not associate. serious interest, eg far right politics

important to raise the visibility - a clarification of the info point to be more than the flyers - distribution of pga documentation is not limited to info points

proposal to enlarge the infopoint check group list, or to have them email the other infopoints and allow 2 weeks for comment on the group. proposal to send ot process list

website as an important issue - who it relates to.

process is seperated from infopoint list - no process list is the same as the infopoint, as infopoints are the members.

major issue is that process is inaccessible, the list NEEDS an administrator/

PROPOSAL if people want to be infopoints they write, in the form of an online form, to the infopoint admins address, there is a 2-3wk reaction period, the people that administrate the info point database will attempt to contact infopoints to get a better understanding of the group

add prop: parallel database to the infopoint list, who dont want to be infopoints but want to offer contacts and information

CONCERN the privacy concern of databasing, level of detail, work accessibility the danger of filing, and databasing - skills

perhaps a "public database" of activist contacts join with existing projects such as anarchist yellow page Maybe a list of lists might even be more usefull - there are a lot of regional and thematic lists already anyway. So a list of them with comments - if they are outdated etc. might be even more interesting. The question of tools is linked to the question of goals - PGA workshops do a great job but there is frustration with internet tools because they don't help the creation of action. A reflection on that is needed. Help network thinking by the means of homepages. Some new tools exist like mindmaps for example that can structure thoughts and links etc. We as our collective feel the need of using such tools - freemind for example. (open source tool that helps to mindmap and develope actions and ideas).

Two propositions so far: -> anarchist yellow pages -> list of list and link and comment on them (outdated) azul is going to administrate list of contacts

We need a first bit of research and a hook up with the webteam.

pga balcan webpage with seperate webteam in greece was proposed.

marty and theresa perhaps needs supporting administrating infopoint databases and lists admins schwarzmarkt, skrati, riot.boogie, nicolu can help

infopack - delegated to infopack working


PROPOSAL translations site merged with indymedia translations, veggy and maxigas will investigate translations group

PROPOSAL use the PGA conf 06 translations list until another solution, admins needed, announcement for translation work for PGA

PROPOSAL to merge with better translations software, than indymedia

PROPOSAL that translations be done by site visitors, a notice is left and people can volunteer a translation

PROPOSAL wiki used as a translation tool

drkvg, wowi, maxigas, azul working group on translations

PROPOSAL - recommendation that 3 working languages be used for posts to the process list, spanish, french, english possibility for translations of short summaries

List Administration

pga-balkans list needs a new administrator, to be given to vlanto pga-process wowi, azul, nina pga-resistance wowi pga-announce drkvg

some lists will destroyed, some lists will be renamed from "stamp-" to "pga-", and summaries will made per mailing list - will inquire about which lists are still active, cease some lists and re-order the other lists ot organise them -drkvg

link on PGAconference.org ot mailing lists page on agp.org, where lists are listed

exisiting mailing lists page, needs to be reconsidered

global actions list - do be deleted discussion list - to be deleted resistance list - actions lists

question of whether pga-resistance is necessary

PROPOSAL that pga-resistance remains for actions, as well as pga-process for discussions and pga-announce

question of whether pga-announce is necessary usefull for reaching a lot of different people with lower traffic, for conferences and events one-way, no discussion, conclusions of pga-process list

Website Additions to what's on the wiki: - pgaconference.org: Our website could be used to not only document not only the conference itself but also longerterm outcomes like for example the sustained campaigns from Leiden. So People who develope a certain idea could menage the certain part of the homepage. Hmm, Indymedia might be for open publishing. We might want a semipublic system. Projects should have their own pages that then link to the conference they were created on. Even though pgaconference.org might serve for a short time as a starting resource. This also reflects upon the question what the pga actually is - is it just a network or is it a this or that campaign etc. Some ideas might be turning into projects that we don't really want to identify with. No one should identify with pga etc. Hosting projects as the pga would somehow contradict the "inspired by pga" policy. Having direct links would be a good way to show the direct output of the conference.

PROPOSAL: It should be made clear that pgaconference.org still is a european project. PROPOSAL: Put the output of wintermeetings on pgaconference.org Maybe it makes sense to add wintermeetings etc. especially in the future. At least on the european scale. Some research is needed to see in how far different levels of menu are possible.

- agp.org: 35.000 pages, 3 people working on it. Help is needed. Some content does not even reflect the pga hallmarks. Please inform the admins if you find something.

- all4all: Archive structure that links to agp.org - find your way to agp.org via all4all. It's defided up through topics and regions so the clear structure is there that links to the other side. It's based on an IMC content management (MIR). Things can be sorted here. There was the idea to have all4all as a feed for the agp side to build a link. A different possibility would be to have agp.org directed to all4all and use that. all4all's feed is on pganorthamerica.

agp.org should become a general introduction to the network. A evolutionary migration from agp.org to all4all would be appreciated. agp.org should then have links to pgaconference.org and a archive link to all4all/ todays agp.org content.

PROPOSAL: - contents of agp.org move to all4all. - Create a simple PGA side on "www.agp.org" and link to all4all and pgaconf etc.

PROPOSAL: nadir should recieve money for hosting agp.org which they haven't yet. Part of the leftover money from the conference should be used for that.

- globalblog: will be created soon... Instead of chatting discussions should be put on the blog so we have an archive of it. It's still in the process of being approved. Feedback appreciated.

PROPOSAL: Buy peoplesglobalaction.org for myregion.peoplesglobalaction.org

- balcan: Want Homepage but would like it to be part of the existing structure. PROPOSAL: offer balcan.peoplesglobalaction.org if it's technically possible.

Newsletter The newsletter could be a way of getting people involved and point people to the website. answ. : we can't bridge the two right now cause we don't know if we will have the newsletter. Why should we put info in the newsletter that is already on the webpage? There is a world besides the internet - so what do we want to issue - in terms on info - it will be a different content.

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