Proposals by the Communication Tools working group

these proposals are mostly in addition to the proposals that came up during the dijon meeting. This is a Summary. Here are the /OriginalNotes.


-if people want to be infopoints they write, in the form of an online form, to the infopoint admins address ( The admins inform the process list and will attempt to contact infopoints to get a better understanding of the group. There is a 3 week reaction period. Afterwards the new infopoint will be added to the homepage.

-A lot of local and/or thematic contact lists are available on the internet. A collection of such lists will be created on the homepage.


A working group (re)organising the translation infrastructure has been formed. Translations site might be merged with indymedia translations. The PGA conference 06 translations list will be used until another solution has been found. Admins are needed. Necessary translation work for PGA can be announced here.

PROPOSAL - We recommend the usage of 3 working languages posts to the process list: spanish, french, english. It would be nice to have at least translations of short summaries.

List Administration list will be destroyed, some lists will be renamed from "stamp-" to "pga-", and summaries will made per mailing list. for discussions on the PGA Europe process. for announcements about actions. to be invited to next conference and other bigger events. for global process.

Websites PROPOSAL: Links to other conferences will be put on but it should be made clear that still is a european project. PROPOSAL: Put the output of wintermeetings on Maybe it makes sense to add wintermeetings etc. especially in the future. At least on the european scale. Some research is needed to see in how far different levels of menu are possible.

current state: 35.000 pages, 3 people working on maintaining it. Help is needed. Some content does not even reflect the pga hallmarks. Please inform the admins if you find something. Archive structure that links to It is usually easier to find your way to via all4all. It's devided up through topics and regions so the clear structure is there that links to the other side.

future use PROPOSAL There should be a general introduction to the network without specialized political content from afiliated groups. should be created for that. An evolutionary migration from to all4all would be appreciated. should have links to and a archive link to all4all/ content.

PROPOSAL: nadir should recieve money for hosting which they haven't seen in a long time. Part of the leftover money from the conference should be used for that.

- globalblog: will be created soon... Instead of chatting discussions should be put on the blog so we have an archive of it. It's still in the process of being approved.


- balcans: Want Homepage but would like it to be part of the existing structure. PROPOSAL: offer if it's wanted.


There is an offer to create the first issue of an european pga newsletter by people from hungary. They will be looking for groups to take responsibility for the next issues since the editorial function is supposed to be passed on from one group to the other.

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