Double-invitation: international meeting + working-session to joyfully prepare the European PGA encounters, summer 06 at « Les Tanneries », Dijon, July 14th, 15th, 16th onwards


The final international preparation meeting for the European People's Global Action conference will take place on July 14th, 15th, 16th, at the Tanneries self-managed place, in Dijon.

This meeting will be followed by a collective working session to prepare the conference (logistics) and setup its physical structures (kitchen, meeting rooms, showers, toilets, medical and Indymedia areas, camping, and more...).

As you might already know, the conference will start on the 19th of August, and will finish on the 3rd of September, bringing together people and organisations from all around Europe, that are active or interested in anticapitalist and anti-authoritarian struggles.

The encounters will take place in several sites around France, then will move up to Dijon. It should be filled with initatives, workshops, and dicussions on various subjects: digital struggles, feminism & anti-heterosexism, preservation & resistance of self-managed spaces, social movements & burning streets, access to land & urban opression, racism, post-colonialism, anti-industrial struggles, control firms, enviromental destruction, self organisation and autonomy, children and ageism...

But let's move on, since all this and more details are available on

The preperation meeting is open to all people willing to get involved in the conference organisation.

There are loads of good reasons to take part in the pre-conference meeting & activities: besides the outcome of the conference itself in terms of ideas, actions, and shared moments, it is a tremendously stimulating challenge, for all those willing to destroy state power, to try to collectively shape ways of living, talking, meeting, and acting altogether, may we be 100 or 600.

A few stakes for this collective construction process:

  • there are many interesting debates to share, especially on the centralized part, its contents and structure, on the way we will meet and take decisions altogether, on how to bring people from one side of France to another, on the coordination between the different meetings and how it will be continued afterwards, on how to deal with global strategies and cross topics, on what to decide on the future functionning and initiatives of the PGA structure...
  • as expected, we are in quite a rush on a number of things, so aside collective discussions, we will have to work on translations, welcoming, visas, communication, transports, food...
  • in the afternoon of Thursday 14th, there will be a working group session on how to integrate gender issues to existing topics, on how to setup structures facilitating that.
  • there might be a medical & first aid techniques training session during the days following the meeting.
  • the final agenda for the meeting will be decided on Thursday the 13th, and the meeting will begin on Friday the 14th in the morning.
  • Thursday evening, there will be an anti-national gig (July 14th is the french national celebration day!) with gipsy music by THOMAS EZEKIEL ET LA ROULETTE RUSSE, followed by a dancing do, and all we need to be ready and fit for the meeting next day!

For those who are joining us in the preperation just now, who want to have a better understanding of the discussion topics and learn about the initiative since the beginning, all process decisions as of now have been compiled in a document called "the paving stone". It is available on:


  • Before and after the meeting, there will be loads of practical things to do: building, painting, plumbing, electricity networking, floors to clean and make confortable, gathering vegetables, answering the phone, skipping sessions & truck driving around the city, and, on top of all, making crazy plans and sharing them by voice or through the net.
  • Therefore, you are most welcome to give us a hand this summer! Please just tell us about your arrival. There might be less people on the last week of July, because of the « DIY against » squat festival in Freiburg. Anyways, it would be nice to meet and spend time together to work on the preparation, before spreading ourselves across the world! So, please, stay after the meeting!


  • The autonomous space « les Tanneries » hosts political and cultural activities, as well as a living space. It can accomodate everybody coming to the international meeting, but please bring a sleeping bag. (Vegan) food will also be welcomed if you can bring any.
  • It is located at "17, boulevard de Chicago", at the end of "rue d'Auxonne", and right next to the « Dijon Centre » exit on the ring-road - great for hitchhikers, and for any arrival by vehicle! From the city centre, you should take bus #10, towards « Cimetiere », and stop at « Coty » or « Champeaux ».
  • Please tell us about your arrival, either by mail at, or by phone, at +33-(0)3-80-666-481.


(please read carefully, to see what you might want to be involved in)

Preconference communication

  • Spreading information: managing mail addresses, mailing-lists, website; producing & spreading "Plaquette", posters and miscellaneous documents until the conference;
  • The reader: setting up the practical guide to the conference;
  • Other events: go around summer events to speak about the conference;

Managing money and visas until the conference

  • ...

Turning point

  • organising means of transportation for people and stuff from decentralised locations to the central moment.


  • Topics & locations: quick account summary on decentralised locations, on contents and topic-related work; we'll review the adequacy of topics with sites, suggest connexions between some, share contacts...
  • PGA Process: discussing contents & means of discussion for the « structures & projects of the PGA network » topic, during both the decentralised and the centralised moments.
  • Cross sections strategical topics: how to deal with them during the central and decentralized part?
  • Meeting & decision-making: organisation of plenary sessions & decisionnal moments;
  • Inter-site communication: will the decentralized areas be in touch? how? why?
  • Feedback: during the central gathering, how can we share the outcome of dicussions that took place in the decentralized moments? Will some "decentralised topics" be continued during the central moment?
  • Agendas: how can we take into account last minute workshops & propositions for contents? Setting up programs and day-by-day schedules.

Side questions for the centralized moment

  • organizing a demonstration or other street event during the decentralized moment?
  • what about a party night/concert?

Central part logistics

(it would be nice of people could mention what they want to take in charge beforehand, and prepare a few ideas on the subject: all these topics will not be discussed thouroughly in the meeting, but rather succinctly, leaving more in-depth development to working-groups)

  • Sight-seing tour of « Les Tanneries » and account summary of the Dijon working-group on the state of construction & fitting-out work;
  • Account summary of the « gender issues » working-group, on merging these preoccupations with particular topics;
  • General decision-making structures; distributing logistics for the centralised moment to working groups; coordination in between those groups;
  • Checking space repartition for structures (kitchen, medical, etc.) for the centralised moment;
  • Missing materials & structures, materials transportation from decentralized locations to Dijon;
  • Subscriptions;
  • Information point for the centralized moment;
  • Organisation & coordination of translations during the conference;
  • Money management, how can people subscribe and pay for food & participation to costs on the centralized moment?
  • Security;
  • Food management;
  • Sanitation, showers, cleaning;
  • Camping;
  • Meeting facilitation;
  • Meeting reports, creation of a newspaper during the conference, and means of transmission before and after;
  • Womyn-only space;
  • Medical space;
  • Video-screening space;
  • Bar;
  • Internet open access space/Indymedia corner;
  • Mainstream media - starting from the consensus reached in Budapest;
  • Building & setting up the space for the centralized conference; how do we organise together with people who will stay in the following days and weeks?

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