Summary of the Proceedings of the Decentralised Meeting in Dijon (July 14-15-16)

[Status of this document: Do not circulate, this is a working draft! Compiled by maxigas based on the narration of Ian, between 1:00 am to 4:00 am. PLEASE REVIEW AND CORRECT! Sunday will be expanded on Sunday.]



  • Division of space: review of Les Tanneries (Dijon), which will be the location for the centralised conference and one of the decentralised locations as well.
  • Discussion in six working groups.





(Outside Les Tanneries, on the other side of the road.)

  • Camping: two danger factors: fire and police. This area will be squatted, but it is outside Dijon jurisdiction. It is anticipated that if there will be no fire it will be all right, but we have to talk to the people who live around the park to announce what will happen (camping and big party).

(In "peace time" here is the kitchen, infoshop, freeshop and meeting place of Les Tanneries. A huge room.)

1 collective kitchen

  • Showers
  • 2 collective kitchens
  • Infopoint
  • Chillout
  • Media server and projection


Six working groups has been set up:

  1. Cooking, material, transport
  2. Video, bar, final party
  3. Security, medical issues, non-discrimination
  4. Welcoming at the centralised location, registration, infopoint
  5. Reporting
  6. Translation, model of discussion, communication b/w workgroups

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1. Cooking, material, transport


@Marie's kitchen from Dijon is 1, 1 is coming from Toulouse, another ???. There will be calls to participate in collective kitchens and they will organise themselves. 2-3 collective kitchens.

Transport of persons: caravan, but not so agressive. Toulouse -> 200km -> Frayssinous -> Lyon, where Bellevue sub-caravan will arrive as well. Need a place to sleep next to Lyon. They arrive on Monday (18 August). From there they go to Dijon, and they arrive Tuesday. Aim is to be visible and encourage people to come to the centralised meeting, but not in an offensive way. The decentralised places should organise as many cars/vans as they need to come to Dijon.

Transport of materials: there is a list of needs of decentralised places on the wiki. We have to simplify this list to only include the essential necessities. Accomodation, construction iron, etc., but not the little things.

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2. Video, bar, final party

Coordinators: @Darkveggy, @Nico.

CORRIDOR will have 1 video projection place and a media server. 1 other projection place will be outside with a bar. In this setup there is one projection place like a cinema and one projection place which is for ambient material. Little bar: coffee, tea, juice, water all day. Bar at concert place would start at 8 o'clock and finish at 1 am.

Last day there would be a visibility demostration in Dijon. The concert hall will be dismantled by that time, so there will be space for a concert. Final party: it would be better if the performer would be involved in the conference as well. PRINT would be more like a journalist centre and the concert hall should be open access (clarify!). This would enable infrastructure to report (after) the demonstration even if the media centre at the concert hall is already dismantled.

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3. Security, medical issues, non-discrimination

Medical issues

Medical centre in the CONCERT HALL.

conflict management

Internal conflict management - Local caravan: this is a new place outside the public space where mediation can happen.

External conflict management - 3-4 persons in half-day shifts (also serving as firemen in the camping). There are local best practices about managing conflict with the local people and the local authorities.


There will be a text on posters and also some persons responsible to oversee. There will be a non-mixed place - a part of the camping. Only men, only womyn, only children places. If there is a need we can set up these, there will be pre-located places that make it possible.

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4. Welcoming at the centralised location, registration, infopoint


Wednesday afternoon/evening everybody will arrive. A lot of people at the same time, because they come in the caravan. When the caravan arrives the camping place is set up by individuals, so that they will not arrive all at a time to the registration.

1st checkpoint (at the GATE) - we check if the person was participating in the decentralised meeting. If yes, they have to handle their registration form and proceed to the 2nd checkpoint. If not, they are registered. There will be a registration form with questions about competences (cooking, medical, conflict resolution, translation, documentation, etc.).

2nd checkpoint (at the CONCERT HALL) - payment. They receive the program and other information about the centralised conference. People will also pay for the food here and receive tickets.

3rd not-checkpoint (at the CONCERT HALL) - a series of posters to volunteer for the working groups and discussion groups. Also a map of the location and the functions. Also, the report posters for the decentralised locations.

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5. Reporting


  • Written report of decentralised and centralised meetings, radio, diary.

Written report of decentralised meetings will at least have to contain a description of the outcomes of the thematic discussions.

Diary: @darkveggy's idea but this is a big work to coordinate all places. Someone else has to coordinate this. Minimum 1 diary per decentralised place. Will be printed and posted on the walls at the centralised gathering.

Documentation of the outcomes of practical projects.

Readers from the outcomes of thematic discussions: NEED MONEY FOR THIS, b/c we need a lot of copies from these.

Radio: local pirate radio set up, which would transmit around Dijon. BABEL brings the gear.

Mass media: no one will talk to them in the centralised location. In Toulouse they will use the mass media, certainly have a press release about their illegal squatting action. Basically all the decentralised locations can decide for themselves.

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6. Translation, model of discussion, communication b/w workgroups


Coordination has begun with the text translations. Contacts for many languages has been gathered, with indication of whether or not that translator partipates in the conference. How to think about the needs of the decentralised meetings? English, Spanish, French translation has to be available at all location. We can distribute the pre-registered translators. That would be a stab in the direction of braking the domination of English. The registration forms would contain this information.

At the end of each day of the centralised meetings there will be a meeting of all the different working groups. In Belgrade it was a problem that these meetings were not transparent - in Dijon they will be open and announced. This will be an opportunity to discuss together the problems that arose during the day in many areas.

Model of discussion

@Nico proposed a workshop at the beginning of the centralised meeting on moderation. There will also be a meeting this Monday about this topic for STAMP.


Agenda: reports, propositions, decisions of the working groups.



  • Decentralised meeting
  • Communication
  • Visas
  • PGA process


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