draft a join communique from the automous servers to the social movements of the world. who we are, what we are doing, why it is important, why we need your support.

some ideas in draft (voila qq idées en vracs), sorry its in french... --florence:

(brainstorm note taking)

how to build a political movement to defend our servers

raising awareness about the things we do

we: from organised groups, that look after computers, where people have a machine or web site.

these things contribute to the existence of radical groups as social centers. to give visibility of our work

we want u to help admin the account helping organising and using services

we are talking about established groups, that control technical resources

aim: solidarity contract between entities. different entities.

people doing technical work in the movement. practical thing: there are roots and users power issues related to this, so it should not be blurred. admins in the service of social struggle.

binding “juridical” style

who are we why is it important downside of commercial

multi lingual compatibility


groups working on infrastructure for radical groups. umbrella politics, critical pluralism, “democratic” connected to social movement free radicals more or less coherence, decision making are backed up or not,

anti-sectarian non-dogmatic

poivron community based server affinity based server we should take care about communications of people who live together technology stands closer to the people anarchists antipat anticap being softcritical about power as administrators decentralize the power no manifesto political and subversive squats revolutionary squatter identity

group: functional units that can make decisions


common ground for groups here

affinity to open source

terms: not too narrow, but not too wide opened. radical left in brd anti-left in french in france

grassroots in catalonia

5 cooperative, every projects inside is autonomous. printing, copying, anticapitalist grassroots autonomous cooperative of workers and producers assemblies of all cooperatives. only working with social movements yellow pages, directory in the web

marsnet marseille activists users diversity of ideas, self-organised internet service provider goal: to give the users the power and possibility to manage their own services users self-organizing support. workshops and training sessions for users users become teachers documentation with wiki, admin part is little developing tools like cms or networktools together decision making through wiki and mailinglists main values: solidarity, freedom, autonomy, sharing, mutual aid, transparency, cooperation, accessibility, commitment to privacy, choosing a tool means something and has practical results in society, grant freedom of information and expression users as actors of own services. and be more autonomous.

anti- communal economics

umbrella politics is important in moments of repression

referring to / use pga hallmarks starting points.

signing organisations should run a server

talk about entities

organisations running a server to support movements for political change to get direct access and participatory access to the web and media

us, the movement

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