Budapest Organisation is a copy of a text document i keep on my computer and which i try to update frequently here. No wiki formatting just plain text please. (maxigas from AK57 collective.)


Meeting places

Meeting places will be at two institutions at Tuzolto utca:
- Kozert: very new grass-roots community space by an NGO (2 rooms)
- Tuzraktar: old factory complex on hire to artists and capitalists (infinite space)

Note: any of these places can host a meeting of 40+ persons.


AK57 will serve as an infopoint, accomodation and maybe a meeting place for smaller meetings. If you don't know where to go when you arrive, go here!

AK57 (community space and d.i.y. club)
- 8 sleeping places
- space for smaller meetings
- infopoint


THE MVSEVM (the detached house of maxigas' family with a garden - 60 mins from AK57)
- Parking in the garden for van
- 8 sleeping places in a small house in the garden (can give keys for garden and house)
- People with children best come here maybe, but there is also a very coward dog, so no other dogs please.
- We can have a garden party sometime..

THE CASTLE (apartment of markus/lajos/maxigas - 10 mins from AK57)
- 5 sleeping places

PIROCH-A (apartment of Piroch Marci - 15 mins from AK57)
- 3 sleeping places

ZSOMI-A (apartment of Zsomi - 10 mins from AK57)
- 3 sleeping places

ZöFi OFFICE (NGO office)
- 4 sleeping places

TOTAL: 23 places + van at the MVSEVM

Note: all these places you will need sleeping bags and sth soft under you!

- Critical Mass on Saturday (with approx. 30.000 cyclists)
- Parlamentary Elections on Sunday (perhaps we could do some street propaganda against this on Friday/Saturday night)



_pgamap.png is a map with coloured stars.

- Green star: Piroch Marci ecoanarchist apartment (?)
- Blue star: Green Youth NGO office (VII. Rózsa utca 20.)
- Black star: AK57 community space and d.i.y. club (VII. Dohány utca 57., ring 128 and enter the second basement door on the right)
- Red star: The Castle apartment (VIII. Rákóczi tér 11., ring "Lenvai Adam")
- Pink star: The MVSEVM accomodation (XVIII. Háromszéki utac 7/C)
- White stars: meeting places Kozert on the left, Tuzraktar on the right (in IX. Tuzolto utca, ? and 54-56)

Public transport

It is usual to travel without tickets on public transport. The metro should be more dangerous, but there can be ticket collectors only at the entry/exit points.

We will use the tram 4-6 (they are almost the same) to move about the Big Avenue between these stops:
- Ferenc krt. (maybe Ulloi ut): Kozert, Tuzraktar, metro to MVSEVM.
- Rakoczi ter: Castle
- Blaha Lujza ter: AK57 and walk to ZoFi office
- Oktogon: Piroch Marci apartment

It takes 45 minutes to get from Ferenc krt. to the MVSEVM. However, it's not so difficult, as all along you move straight along Ulloi ut:
Step 1: Subway 2 (blue line): Ferenc krt. -> Hatar ut.
Step 2: Tram 50: Hatar ut -> Beke ter (these are the two ends of the line!)
Step 3: Go further on Ulloi ut: Haromszeki utca is the 1st on the right
Step 4: Find 7/C - the MVSEVM.

Night transport - the doppelganger effect: 
Tram 4-6 becomes Bus 904-906
Subway 2 and Tram 50 become Bus 950

Note: if you arrive by train to Keleti Railway Station, you can take Metro 3 from Keleti P.U. to Blaha Lujza ter - and you are near AK57!



Translation will be mainly English/Hungarian. Translation will by typed by the translator into a laptop and projected to a wall of the room. Therefore, we do not need to stop after each sentence to listen to the translation or speak simultenously or use sophisticated technology. It will be possible to make speeches in English or in Hungarian, and the projection will provide the other language. Moreover, the translation text can be saved to provide a source document for the proceedings (memo). Translation will be done by volunteers. We try to gather volunteers before, but also count on spontenous volunteering at the spot.

Translation from other languages is problematic. We do not know too many other languages and not even know which would be required. Please notify if you have ideas about this!


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