people present with small background:

hungary is pretty isolated hamburg has one autonomous centre, squatting is pretty impossible paris seems to be an unknown factor london: lots of social centres after the g8, gathering last january, mailing list created

berlin: not interesting california: not many squats, some in the east bay. homes not jails are squatting

munchen: there is nothing, people go elsewhere for riotting augsburg: same situation as munich, but there is a rented social center utrecht: about forty squats, puscii that does website/maillist hosting, regular citywide and national meetings, handwritten zine dijon: no more meetings as there is only squat barcelona: lots of squats, agenda for activities in the city, magazine, formally

ronnes: has no squats, people prefer to rent?

picardie: local networking through practical acitivities


make an international newsletter several people are interested and will make a seperate meeting at supper

make a book same group as the newsletter

abolishing the borders from below - mag for eastern europe, people are gonna provide news

physical meetings england: monthly meetings in different spaces, suggestion for regular meetings in different countries france had intersquat meetings, which were good for exchanging experience and getting to know people it resulted in 45 actions in different places on the same time as part of an campaign against an eviction

exchange program hungary: suggestion for network for moving people around in different squats munchen: don't restrict to squats, all kinds of autonomous projects london: ??? exhange project has been discussed link to link to work-camps

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