book on international squatting movements


- reflection/analysis

- personal impressions/stories

- historical aspect

or a combination of the three?

several books? one book?

to be done:

- collect that has already been written in different languages

- ask people to contribute

something that conveys the invisible thread that binds squats together the psychology of living in squats, creating/living experiences on top of eachother instead of going up the linear carreer ladder the politics presence. the political statement we make by living the way we live

note not to got too deep into the myth, living a squatter lifestyle is not political in it's very essence, it's the combination with clear political places that makes it such

historical analysis based on personal stories/interviews

attempt rendering a picture of the invisible, portraying the untouchable unity for diversity. use text, interviews and pictures

format should be nice and attractive, it should be translated

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