there was no laptop except for the one taking notes. only very minimal notes were taken. no gobby :(

lunar: please add your notes too.

"the skills may be high but the time is not endless"


needs to find a location for a server. not a big deal.

interested in having a secure way to communicate between groups that are hosting. we don't expect it to be high traffic. it is not a superstructure.

and maybe tool exchange, if someone has written a nice bash script. we don't have any desire for structure to come from it.

we like the idea of a yearly gathering. and maybe some type of exchange program going on, people travelling. maybe raise money for this.


a common tech platform

a channel for commonication, general reflection of tactics.

a need to talk on a more general basis, including theory.

creating the software that we need together, instead of defining our needs as in terms of what software exists already.

regular meetings.

real time text communication. irc, silc, jabber, whatever.

some things in public archive.

a black phone encrypted back channel.

a vpn network.

shared code repository.

iregular meetings on irc.


communication platform, that could be a way for us to display a common identity. and some education purpose, for eachother and to the activists. why we are important and why they should support us.

security protocols, they should be explained to the public as well. if we want more radical servers, the security protocols could be a good education for them getting started. and a way for us to exchange between us the thing that we do and the thing that we should do.

virtual or real server exchange. possibly outside of germany and possibly outside the EU. space in our house where we can put a server.

creating virtual private networks to tunnel between an autonomous systems which are spread around the world.


we will need outside country services, such as smtp outside of france. we would really like it if this group makes something practical in the end.


server space and rackspace, available in montreal.

help bootstrapping the process of forming a colo project.

help with backups.


(no one from activix here)

they are interested in distributed sysadmin system.


it has been pointed out to me that my agressive way of raising concerns make it seems like i am not happy to be here, but i am happy and the whole collective is happy. we have been waiting for this for five years.

basically the riseup and nadir proposals sum up what we would be interested in. for sure the things that nadir said, and shared documentation and common strategies. and sharing some identify yet leave a space for us to build strong relationships on a trust basis.

it is not going to happen overnight, the trust will develop over time, that this what is important.

we have already five servers which are spread around, so don't need more servers, but we want to scale big so we will many more locations in the future.

and we can host dangerious material, of course.

i would like people to be careful and responsible when using a communication channel that is for theory and position.

we can offer more support in terms of sharing the knowledge which we have developed.

we are basically agreeing on everything that was said here. black phone mailing list would be nice. regular face to face would be much loved. irc channel would be good. couch sharing like indymedia great.

as far as hosting goes, we can't host any more servers. we can host some small scale things. we would like a box outside the european union.

we will need mirrors for g8.


we are embarrassingly down for anything. most specificly, shared documentation, more common tools, security protocols, social things, some shared identification. blah blah blah.

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