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Decision on corporate contacts: "Not to refuse contracts, but not to pursue them as well." Offer the same terms for the private sector. Weekly meetings to review new contacts. Refused a helicopter company which trains for the Canadian army. (this also allows people to bring their old contracts.)

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Koumbit has always been those two sides:-

there is a confict between the work for geeks and the being an activist.

"Koumbit" = haitian word for "collective of workers"

Koumbit needs new members because they have contracts. You have to be a member (but not necessarily the workers' collective) to do work in/by/through/for koumbit.

Participatory Economics

A short introduction to one of the principles behind Koumbit. It stands in between centralised communist planed economy and the capitalist free market.

Theres is no private ownership of the means of production. There shouldn't be hierachy in the workplace. There shouldn't be consumer relationship: Everybody has power on a decision to the degree to which the decision will affect them. For this to work the idea is to have consumer councils organised in onion rings (street, city, region, ...). Neither a global negotiation system, neither a central top agency.

Organisation of Labour in the workplace


No one higher than anyone else in the decision making process, this has to include dealing with personal inter-relations. When people are faced with the problems they are forced to deal with them. There is space for people to express themselves, which leads to situations.

One for sales and administration, one for sysadmin, one for accounting. They all have much more power, and needs to work a lot more. Not something they want, but something that happens.

Actually killed Anarcat's time to do activism, but suceeded in sustaining CMAQ (Indy Quebec).

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