Proposals from the Global Process Discussion

There is a perceived problem that globally the PGA is weak because it has lost its focus, we propose this methodology in order to find the answers


We need to make a serious effort at outreach, this means both locally and globally both on and off the internet to establish/re-establish the connecting points of the PGA network (including the zapatistas).

This is also a great opportunity to dialogue with allies in the south and find ways to make the PGA more relevant to specific struggles


As part of the outreach effort, start a global Survey-Discussion to see what PGA is (or could be) to groups around the world; what resonates and what doesnt; Are there themes, or junctions of themes, that could connect groups better than just "anti-capitalist"? Which could give a new dynamic and action focus to PGA again? There is already a first list of persons who want to work on this (contact

Using Theme-based discussions and cross-overs to connect local, regional, global struggles. One proposal being discussed within the German G8 mobilization is using specific theme-days to connect the various global struggles to the G8 (G8 and agriculture for example)


* Exchanges: As part of the process of our survey, we feel that there is need to seriously consider putting more effort into long term exchanges. This is especially important and proven effective in South-South relationships, and is an option taken at the last international meeting in Haridwar already being worked on in South Asian PGA.Interested persons should write to

* Resource Sharing: having the resources available to the network as was proposed within the decentralized gathering (legal guide; autonomous spaces database; sources of alternative technologies...) People can make suggestions for this to the webgroup and/or the globalaction list.


* We cannot propose another global conference now. First we must see some results of the process proposed and see also their pertinence for the South.

* Local, Regional, Continental Gatherings:

Proposed concrete involvements for all groups:

- Participate in the proposed international discussion (which must also happen locally if it is to be a discussion between collectives! ) - Making new contacts, with a particular effort for Africa and Middle East. These can be announced and/or subscribed to the global action list. - Specifically, make local and international contacts for the G8 theme days - Translation help - Propose ressources / knowhows - Updating your infopoints in this process

Particular job: - Constitute a global database of PGA organisations (volunteers?).

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