report backs

"There was a meeting yesterday, and there was no laptop....

Important discussion

Technical server interchange, merged with the meeting on our communication channels. In a positive discussion that felt meaningful, there were decisions made below, and also discussion about Communication with users, a common visibility of autonomous servers - somehow.

Practical Decisions

security protocols

Notes from an important discussion between riseup and gitoyen notes made on the wiki Workflow / implementation route to be agreed here.

Notes: Concern about security, and enforcing security. Developing a securitarian society. It is important as activists to be secure, but we shouldn't be encouraging a society with so many locks.

Connections to legal internet people, and radical civil society groups. Where can this fit in. From UK server siezure situation, was helpful to have the wider network. This would be good to make more concrete - talk to Ionnek.


No further report, there is an outline. It will be bought back for discussion soon. "Water-Water network will commence again soon".

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