EU data rentention directive

..or why the EU is dumb and TOR is good alex

politics of the laws

EU Directive

THE goal of the EU, in their words:

Coordination is still required to get the law implemented by each EU member state until 2007-09-15

Technicalities about the way it was agreed, rather than what was agreed, are making ireland and slovakia challenge the directive

contents of laws

Q: is it up to parliament to decide if warrants are required? A: yes, each country impliments the laws differently, so long as they stay within the common EU framework.

Data to retain

the phone data which must be retained by the phone companies.

Mobile Phones

for mobile phones, all the land line data is retained, plus a lot more data specific to mobile phones.


At the ISP level, all this data much be retained for "every internet communication". Do they mean every packet? They don't know, the law is vague. What do they mean by an ISP? This is also vauge, maybe clear when the laws are implemented. Our servers might be considered ISPs, and they might not be.

how will it work? - assumptions

The interpretation of the EU law may mean authorities want access to what information? It may be encoded in the law of each country, or may be up to the ISP to work out how to comply. This is an issue of cost for commercial ISPs. How much data? The blackbox from Germany may give an idea. Do they mean:

hacking data retention


"TOR is the answer to many of our problems" --alex

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